24/02 Fp XO “Near Death Experience Reflections” is on spotify!

16/02 ROSSANA album artwork testing location

12/02 new 41 bis episode on Fango radio “We Don’t Play Guitar” for experimental guitar.

Francesco Perissi “Ntanglement” for hexaphonic guitar in the podcast.

26/01 “ROSSANA” album new singles are ready!
Do you believe in pink pigs?

24/01 “NDEr” review on

22/01 NDEr (2019 Reflections Edition) finally on my youtube and soundcloud channels!
Check it out! 👀

NDEr – [C9H31N] Bonus track free download for one week on BLAME!

4/01/19 Black Metal Florence

1/1/20 In 2019 I received this huge gift for my graduation. My dream for 2020 is that you can have it too.
Happy New Year and have good dreams!

Francesco Perissi XO “shine” Ep

25/12/19 MerryXOmas!!

20/12 Today is the day. #blamerec VA is out!
Fp XO – [C13H16CINO] and many badass producers inside.

Cap.I “Il Crepuscolo Degli Idoli” is available on cassette via Blame records bandcamp. #burnyouridols

7/12 #NDErRealease
Near Death Experience reflections” digital release Ep is out!!

We don’t usually talk about the soul today.
And in this job I think I really put it.
Time passes and still music reveals the best way to grow and learn to thank the empty killers who marble us inside.
The title of the previous album “Near Death Experience” has the function to underline the dangerousness of certain substances but also to highlight their evocative and mystical power. NDEs are in fact also known as experiences achieved to expand and compensate for the obtuseness of human thought.
Usually talking about experiences with drugs makes us laugh or catches our attention for an evening, they rarely consider themselves for what they are when you are fragile: a black hole that attracts you imperceptibly when you are distant and crumbles in a dwarf second when you fall into it.
“NDE reflections” is the EP renewed in content, in sound quality, and above all in the directivity of the media: the voice.
And I hope that it will make the Francesco Perissi XO, project a little more known, where telling my profound point of view becomes more fascinating and precious than embarrassing and confusing.

Thanks to all those who are beside me, to whom I annoying daily with my craziness and to BLAME rec. to believe in XO.
Have a good trip and let me know when you come back .. :)!
P.S. you got it right, the album that anticipates the ep that anticipates the single that anticipates the project, because we don’t like the rules in the creative field.
NDEr cover pic by Irene Ottanelli

Francesco Perissi XO – “Near Death Experience reflections” Ep is done.
Very soon on BLAME rec.
The ceremony is about to begin…

1/12 #NDEr track “[C21H30O2]”, #THC molecule, live @spazio.materia, Prato. Few days out for @Blame rec.!!
“Never dream again/Everything is black/C’mon and let it goooo!

29/11 NDEr premiere live @Spazio Materia, Prato, IT

30/11 Track “[Xo]” premiere!
NDEr ep out very soon for BLAME rec!!

22/11 working on cover for NDEr album

pic Irene Ottanelli/ light Giulio Aspettati special thanks to FullMovieFirenze!

20/11 NDEreflections live streaming @Radio Amblè, Firenze


On 20/11 live streaming for Radio Amblè, Firenze

On 29/11 NDE 5 years anniversary night @Spazio Materia, Prato for PHASE collective

On 30/11 digital release on Blamerec. of Near Death Esperience Reflections Ep (voice/remastered version)

On November 24th 2014, on my birthday, the first complete effort of Francesco Perissi XO project is added to the trillions of bits of digital ether. The title is “NDE”, an acronym for Near Death Experience: all those experiences of pre-death achieved through psychoactive substances. The album is a hypothetical metaphysical journey throughout the escalation of addictions, starting with  THC molecule [C21H30O2], going through morphine [C21H23NO5], to end realizing that we only try to hide from our worst enemy: ourselves. But if we try to touch our soul, it will tell us that there is no other beautiful and powerful molecule [Xo].
After these 5 years of personal and musical growth, I propose a review of this process to celebrate the anniversary. The voice appears, placed in a reflective dimension, that allows me to consider the past with the maturity of the present: NDE Reflections (2019).

7/11 ❌⭕und studio is getting better & better..Lots of news are coming🔥!!

2/11 #DDE II Discomfort Dispatch @ Nextemerson, Firenze with @nocedavide @fra.zedde @simonevassallo @4200db @onore&noise
Ultrafuturistic filtered pic M.Mazzoni ❤️

27/10 #radio
What do Trevor Wishart and Marilyn Manson have in common? Demetrio Stratos and Holly Herndon?

I will start with “Other Voices” playlist to give my monthly contribution to the legendary @Fango Radio, with program “41bis Radio”, which will not deal with genres or movements but with concepts or themes. A bit like looking for alternative connections, in a moment of chaos and separation, in order not to die for isolation regime.
Thanks Fango!
pic Mario Carovani
“Other voices” broadcast November 18, 12-13!
Next episode “Drum’s Not Dead” …

41bis Radio

21/10 John Cage “Reunion” 4 #liveelectronics musicians 2 #chessplayers w Maurizio Montini, Francesco Pellegrino, Alberto Gatti, Lorenzo Ballerini, Francesco Perissi

@Istituto Mascagni di Livorno

Testing new sounds with my mate birdxo..

29/09/19 #housecretconcert Francesco Perissi XO/Alberto Maria Gatti + special guest Veronica Chincoli. Special night for special people✨


09/18/19 I am officially releasing my first album for #exaphonic #guitar “1I0I100.000” on #soundcloud for the first time. The concept comes from my love for genius italian writer Pirandello and the moment when I took this photo on the ferry to Visby, a Swedish “Caribbean” island. In front of those shows we feel part of everything, infinitely small and infinitely fragmented.

Track list:
“Ntanglement” – description in music of the physical phenomenon that links particles at incredible distances.
“QuI / Ora” – description in music of the Presence obtained through the breath that transcends time and space.
“1” – description in music of the alchemical processes of transmutation of matter.


7/09/19 I uploaded my performance @Quilombo, Prato on youtube.
Videomapping Studiomesh
Camera Pe Cata
Check it out!

3/09 my last work “Duality” for soundscape exercise is finally on line!
enjoying reversing human/nature soundscape.

11/08/19 -where we come from..-


9/08/19 -2 years ago-
Exaphonic guitar composition “Ntanglement” live @contemporary art museum Pecci
Final chord part to wish you happy holidays!
pic Jacopo Belli


25/07/19 “ROSSANA” album cover test.
-Everyone has his golden child inside-
pic by Irene Ottanelli


21/07/19 #bestsoundengineerever XO gig was super cool! Many thanks to @santavalvolarecords for being like a family and creating something special like @santavalvolafest.


12/07/19 Francesco Perissi XO will be part of Santa Valvola fest @Prato!


11/07/19 thanks to my friends XO “shine” EP has the first vinyl copy!
Now it’s really time to find a label🔥

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 20.09.03

11/07/19 sound design master degree @conservatorio G.B.Martini Bologna, done!
#vinaccia is the new black

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 20.08.29

5/07/19 Dear friends, my master in sound desing thesis will be on the 11th of july.
My last concept album “ROSSANA”-music research in pop music- it’s the topic.
(5 stages of grieving experienced trought catartic method – experiences sublimations trought art)
So excited for that!


1/06/19 Technical helping the opera “Luoghi” for exciting objects and a musician by my mate Alberto Gatti composer.
Something really exciting!!

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 20.03.47

23/05/19 XO live show during radical party meeting for european election days @PratoCity

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 12.23.19
XO playing NDE album [c13h16CINO] new voice version!! @prato_city

15/05/19 ROSSANA new album track list is ready!

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 00.16.36

10/05/19 working on “ROSSANA” new album concept. 5 stages for grieving process.
coming soon!

Star Shine

3/05 /19 soundscape concert SONAR – premiere “Duality” alternative sound design for “Baraka” (1993) by Ron Fricke/live electronics for “#campisilenzio” by Mario Carovani


2/05 XO live @cortedeimiracoli_siena very excited to be in this amazing place after a while. One of the first XO gigs after NDE album release.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 15.46.59

XO for MEFF Italy. Exciting gig with a different intimate set.
Playing synth and voice!

XO shine ep realease party was super cool…
can’t wait for another gig!!



– Suite Ohm (modular live electronics)
– XO ( ep “shine” release )
– Nik Gonnella (vinyl set)
– Lorenzo Ballerini (live mixing)


“15 minutes” sound/video installation by Francesco Perissi. Premiere Cycle~ 24 feb “Acousmatic Tales vol.2”

“The artist, the predominant figure of” Pop Art “, Andy Warhol, argued that in the future we would have 15 minutes of fame for each one. Like all great geniuses he had a unique point of view and a far-sighted look, which allowed him to imagine what actually happened 50 years later, in fact today, through the use of the web and social media, everyone can become the star of himself and get a decent celebrity, which can last over time or, as Warhol claimed, wear out quickly.
In the “liquid society” in fact the action times managed by the algorithms are very fast and the speed of the contents does not allow assimilation, moving further and further away from the rhythms of human life that is inextricably linked to nature.
The work “15 minutes” tries to reduce to the essential, through the interactive use of sound and projections, an emotional experience that catapults the viewer into a dimension of notoriety, transcended in time and space.
So … how does it feel to be famous? “

Saturday at Cycle something magic happened..
My first gig with Suite Ohm association and new tracks was great!
See you very soon with some news!
Never stop the music


So excited to announce my first gig with XO’s new tracks!
Together with me my big friends and great composers with electroacoustic ensemble “Suite Ohm”
We’re gonna have a great night!

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 13.39.44


“Rossana” is the title of the new album coming soon from the project “XO”. The name comes from a beloved missing person that contains a symbolic imagery concerning the emotional sphere of affectivity. This is often marked by the pain of separation and excitement of the encounter, the destructive impulse and the constructive one, by fear and fragility. The description of these processes, takes place through the discovery of the most intimate expressive thing we have: the voice. The album was conceived in 2018 among the icy and solitary winter landscapes of Sweden and written in the scorching and torrid heat of the Italian summer.


XO’s working on news tracks..
new album coming soon!!

Last video of song [Xo] is finally on line!
enjoy the psychedelic view of the Sicilian sea..

25/07/18 My performance at Liceo Cicognini Rodari @ Prato is on line!

1/08/18 My album for exaphonic guitar and electronic “1|0|100.000” is finally finished!!
Now I’m looking for a label that help me out to share it..
Here’s the preview.

21/06/18 Nanni Balestrini reading performance @ Galleria Fritteli, Firenze


13/04/18 Concert in LiLLa Salen @Kungliga Musik Hogskolan , Stockholm.

Amazing venue with speakers dome!

IMG_4044 1.JPG




Electroacoustic Music

EG_O (2015)
Mpatia (2016)


“Nanni Balestrini. Il pubblico della poesia” (trailer)
Lastra a Signa Arts Theater, Firenze on May 4, 2017

“Lorenzo Calogero. Questa piccola storia d’amore “ (trailer)
Lastra a Signa Arts Theater, Firenze on February 23, 2017


Some sound design exercises done for my master studies in Royal College of Music KMH, Stockholm.
Plus Sound design works for video art and master in Conservatorio Martini, Bologna.