XO is based on the combination of textures created by the electric guitar with rhythmic elements and electronic filters. In the first album “NDE” (2014) the sound of the electric guitar, processed to form melodic riffs, intersects with obsessive electronic rhythms and low frequencies coming from dub music. NDE is acronym of “Near Death Experience”. The titles of the songs have molecular names and follow each other with a precise temporal order, drugs addicition from light to heavy ones [C21H30O2] is THC, [C13H16CINO] is MDMA ecc. Last song name ( [Xo] ) is a hypothetical chemical formula representing the author, that is ready to continue his life with the discovery and exploitation of its singularity. NDE was remixing and remastering in winter 2019 (NDEr – “Near Death Experience reflections” edited by BLAME records) reconsidering addictions experience with voice and lyrics.


X6 is a project for augmented electric guitar spatialized in 6.1 channels. The idea of the name comes from the encounter between the solo project of electronic music “XO” and the number of speakers required for the execution of the performance. With the X6 configuration, thanks to a special “splitter box”, it is possible to pick up the audio signal from hexaphonic pick-up of the instrument and direct it toward the preamplifiers, obtaining as a result an electric guitar that individually distributes the signal of each string in each speaker . The three songs composed for this configuration: “1”, “quI/Ora”, “Ntanglement”have sound coming from the electroacoustic music, electronic and rock. The instrument is played live while the electronics is developed autonomously thanks to the automation of the filtering.